Spottail Seabass

Red Drum (known as Redfish or Spottail Seabass)

• No Hormones • No Antibiotics • No Mercury Red Drum is commonly known as redfish or spottail sea bass. It is a game fish native to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and is found in coastal waters from Massachusetts to Tuxpan, Mexico. Red drum travel in shoals (schools) and are aggressive eaters, feeding on shrimp and small fish such as menhaden and mullet, at times in waters so shallow that their backs are exposed. A stunningly beautiful, torpedo-shaped fish, red drum is more copper than red, with copper tipped fins and large copper scales along a broad back. It’s most distinctive feature is one or more large black spots on the tail. Scientists believe that the spot may trick predators into targeting the tail rather than the head, allowing the fish a chance to escape.

The light, white meat of Copper Shoals Red Drum® tastes mild, not bland. It has a robust texture that adapts well to many cooking methods. Grill, steam, bake, pan sear or stir fry…it’s delightfully versatile. A generous 6 ounce serving contains just 220 calories and no trans fat. Delicious Copper Shoals provides 35 grams of protein and many beneficial nutrients including Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, calcium, and iron. In the 70s New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun-spiced red drum fillets, seared at very high temperatures in an iron skillet, ignited the palates of fish lovers and introduced many seafood “newbies” to the fish, too. The dish became known as Blackened Redfish.

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