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From our local Chefs

From Chef Roy Brewer at Beach Retreat in South Lake Tahoe

Black & blue seabass sandwich: Cajun California seabass with blue cheese cream sauce and arugula.

Mango miso Chilean seabass with lemon butter sauce (buerre blanc), garlic white wine broccolini, blistered heirloom tomatoes and roasted garlic mash.

Thank you, Chef!

A tasty creation from Chef Kim at Land Ocean

Beautiful Opah with Thai papaya salad, a sesame dressing and glass noodles.

Thank you, Chef!

Check out these amazing dishes created by Personal Chef Tim Meevasin!

Verlasso salmon with shaved daikon, lemon, and ginger ponzu.

Spicy tuna roll

Hamachi with jalapeno, tobiko, and yuzu